SORG service

There is a reoccurring requirement for service work throughout the whole life of a furnace installation, beginning with the initial installation and continuing until the end of the campaign. In many cases experience is an important factor and it may be difficult for factory personnel to attain and maintain the necessary level of experience.

SORG service personnel have the necessary experience, not only of technical matters, but also the experience of working in a wide variety of different countries throughout the world – an advantage that should not be underestimated.

For many years we have provided specialists when required – so-called “on demand” service. However an increasing number of glass manufacturers are realising that prevention is better than cure, and are using our service specialists to carry out regular audits of the furnace itself and the related systems and equipment. In this way furnace operation can be optimised, system adjustments can be checked and improved if necessary, and potential problems can be identified before they become critical.

These visits are normally carried out regularly (for example about every 6 months) on the basis of a maintenance contract between SORG and the glass manufacturer covering a certain period (for example 2 years).