SORG conditioning technologies

SORG established a dedicated glass conditioning department in 1976 and this group is responsible for everything that comes after the actual melting furnace – distributor or working end, forehearth, forebay, etc. Since then the department has supplied over 1000 glass conditioning installations, the main ones of which are :

  over 700 gas heated forehearths

  over 250 gas heated distributors

  over 80 electrically heated forehearths

In addition, more than 120 SORG forehearth CONTI-DRAIN® systems have been delivered.

Since July 2006 SORG has also been responsible for the complete Emhart Glass forehearth programme comprising the 240, 340, 540 and 640 forehearth designs.

We have designed and built gas-heated distributors and forehearths, electrically heated forehearths using immersed electrodes, electrically heated forehearths using above-glass radiant heating elements, and even light oil heated forehearths. We have designed and built open forehearths and enclosed forehearths for glasses with easily volatile components such as lead oxide.

SORG distributors and forehearths are used for all commercially produced glasses, including:

  Soda lime glass for containers, flaconage, pharmaceutical products, stemware, giftware,
     glass bricks,lighting ware, tubing and rolled plate

  Soft borosilicate C glass for insulating fibre

  Borosilicate E glass for continuous textile fibre

  Hard borosilicate glass (α = 32 – 40 x 10-7) for tubing, blown ware and kitchen ware

  Neutral borosilicate glass (α = 48 – 60 x 10-7) for containers

  Fluoride opal glass for lighting ware and containers

  Stonewool for insulating fibre

  Lead crystal glass for stemware and giftware

  Ceramic frit for refractory and metal glazing

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