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For almost 150 years, we have been providing satisfied customers in over 80 countries with innovative furnaces to melt different glass types. At any one time there are over 300 SORG® furnaces in operation.


SORG technology has been driving the glass industry for decades. Innovations such as our endport furnaces, the Deep Refiner®, VSM® cullet and batch preheating as well as equipment for use under severe conditions speak for themselves. Also in the future we will be emphasizing innovation. The result: Safe investments for our customers with the lowest total cost of ownership.


We are specialized in glass melting and conditioning and offer a wide range of services. Over 100 experts are available to offer competent help. They support the process from concept development through operations. On site services compliment our offerings and maintain the quality of our equipment.

To cut a long story short. Here are good reasons to partner with SORG:

  • lowest total cost of ownership
  • minimize technological risk
  • first class service
  • you profit from our continuing research and development

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Glass Melting

Innovative concepts
emphasis on dependability

SORG® furnaces are designed for low energy consumption and maximum uptime to deliver the the best possible operating results for your production.

With the right SORG furnace, you can melt almost any type of commercially produced glass. Innovative individually designed furnaces are available for numerous applications.

In the area of glass melting SORG has been awarded a number of patents over the years that have significantly influenced and advanced the industry. To mention a few:

  • FlexMelter® (high quality glass, allows idling and quick restarting for flexible production)
  • LoNOx® Melter (extremely low NOx emissions, excellent energy consumption)
  • VSM® all-electric furnaces (no NOx, no CO2 from combustion, low energy consumption)
  • SORG Deep Refiner® (increased residence time, increased micro homogeneity)
  • SORG IRD® Doghouse (hotter extended doghouse sinters batch before entering furnace to reduce batch carryover)
  • ARD Advanced Regenerator Design (reduces civil works, shortens construction time, perfect for areas with a high water table as regenerator pits are not necessary)

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SORG Glass conditioning

The path to perfect glass

Our dedicated glass conditioning department celebrates their 40th anniversary in 2016. They are responsible for what happens after the furnace. Distributors, working ends, forehearths, gathering bays, etc.

SORG has delivered over 1750 glass conditioning systems and in 2006 took over the Emhart Glass forehearth program. SORG was able to combine the advantages of two world leaders and successfully established the SORG 340S® in an already saturated market.

As our forehearth technology undergoes continuous innovation, SORG recently improved on the 340S®. Its successor is the 340S+, introducing a new forehearth generation.

But SORG delivers more than complete systems. SORG also offers accessories and auxiliary equipment. Examples include forehearth boosting, CONTI-DRAIN®, coloring cells, the patented OMT system to optimize combustion and stirrers in numerous combinations.

Todays systems are the result of experience won through decades of feedback from forehearths of all varieties. This experience flows into our continuous development program.

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SORG Service

Our Service, your peace of mind

To maintain the highly regarded SORG quality and to maximize asset life (furnaces operating well over 10 years), we offer a complete service program with our experts.

This starts with professional construction and installation supervision. Our experts will make your team competent with hands on training before turning the equipment over to you.

Our extensive after sales service offers a first class support for your entire furnace and forehearth campaign. With SORG dependability, you are protected against unnecessary production interruptions saving you time and money.

SORG offers everything from remote login and troubleshooting through furnace and equipment optimization through inspections and emergency repairs with our Group partner SKS.

Services include:

  • Consulting in raw material selection and batch composition
  • Optimizing furnace operation
  • Complex furnace audits
  • Helping customers analyze glass defects

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Optimally planned. Optimal production.

The quality and reliability of our furnaces is our highest priority. Because furnaces can not easily be modified during a campaign, it is essential to get things right the first time. To that aim in addition to experience, we are utilizing computer modeling more extensively to design furnaces and glass conditioning systems. The key to mathematical modeling is the experience of the modeler and the quality of his assumptions. SORG can simulate designs in the smallest detail and compare different solutions to deliver reliable predictions for your investment.

SORG runs modeling to:

  • help customers understand problems they are experiencing on non-SORG furnaces.
  • to test and verify the benefits of designs to customers before construction.
  • to further furnace development.

To this end we have as many as 18 licenses running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on a blade server farm.

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