SORG believes in the continued pursuit of innovation to provide our customers, industry and planet with ever-improving solutions.

We work in close partnership with our customers to understand their needs and develop high-quality answers that enhance industrial glass production.

We have been a leader since our inception, and our unwavering commitment to investment in research and development has granted us over 100 patents.

We are the only furnace company in the world to have a wholly-owned research and development department, which is crucial to all technological advancements.

More than 50 years ago, SORG changed from a furnace factory to a technology venture. In 1971 the first full-electric furnace type VSM® was developed and started operating. Since then, SORG has been improving or developing technologies. We engineer new furnaces, components and techniques —everything to offer our customers solutions for their individual needs and to bring the glass industry forward. Our 100+ patents prove it.


Patents of SORG include groundbreaking innovations such as the VSM® and Deep Refiner®. The Deep Refiner® concept has been copied and adopted by many manufacturers.

Another game-changer was the refining bank. This is an integral part of the FlexMelter, Boro-Oxi-Melter®, LoNOx®, and OxEcon® furnaces. Very recently this has been used to produce solar glass. The refining bank has also been implemented on a classic end port furnace to make high-quality containers.

As we look to a sustainable future, innovations in all-electric and advances in hybrid melting will become the new foundation for melting glass worldwide.

We will continue to guarantee all SORG customers access to the most advanced technology in glass melting and conditioning, as well as furnaces that achieve unrivalled performance and endurance. SORG has a vision. We don’t want to be a simple furnace supplier. We want to be a supplier who delivers solutions. Solutions that fulfil our customers’ unique requirements and that secure their competitiveness.

The energy industry’s political and market circumstances are always changing. The climate crisis also brings additional challenges. No matter the obstacles, SORG has a duty: to deliver answers and ensure the glass industry’s future.



The first vertical full-electric melter with a completely closed batch cover and closed superstructure. Batch charging by SORG’s patented rotating crown.


Deep Refiner®

Applied to conventional furnaces, the Deep Refiner® was created to increase the residence time, as well as leading to lower glass temperatures in the throat and working end.



A specialist furnace with internal batch and external cullet preheating. As the name suggests – low NOx emissions from primary measures.



Designed for both continuous or discontinuous intermittent production of high-quality glass.



Purpose-designed to melt difficult glasses such as borosilicate and TFT glass.



The CONTI-DRAIN® system for forehearths was specifically designed to remove contaminated glass, and is the only system that has consistently reduced or eliminated zircon cord.


EME-NEND Batch Charger

The first component of the Batch3 concept. A completely closed doghouse creates a dust-free environment and reduces melting disturbances.


IRD® Increased Radiation Doghouse

Part two of the Batch3 Concept, it’s a completely closed doghouse. It prevents dusting by glazing the batch surface.


Batch 3 Integrated Concept

The batch preheater incorporates a special design to avoid past problems like clumping. Together with the EME-NEND and IRD, the Batch3 concept reduces energy consumption and CO2 emission.



A conventional oxy-fuel firing furnace with internal batch preheating to reduce energy consumption.


ARD Advanced Regenerator Design

When converting from a recuperative to an end‐fired furnace, the vertical redirection of flue gas allows for a reduced foundation depth with no reduction in packing volume.


CLEAN Melter®

The first furnace with up to 80% electric share for larger tonnages, the CLEAN Melter® emits significantly less CO2, offering greater flexibility and substantial cost savings.