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The Sorg Group Enters Into an Exclusive Cooperation Agreement with P+ International

We are pleased to announce that the SORG Group has further strengthened our “Power of 3” offering by signing an exclusive cooperation agreement with P+ International.

P+ International is a group of companies that includes Capex, BSM Baker, Washtec and ACE Engineering. With over 30 years of glass industry-specific experience and over 100 employees, P+ International will enhance our services in architectural design, civil and structural engineering, mechanical and electrical utility planning, and construction site services.

With 150 years of know-how and over 500 employees at the SORG Group, we are proud to offer complete batch house and furnace solutions to the global glass industry, including complete turnkey solutions for all projects that utilize the latest technology.

Our exclusive cooperation with P+ International will complement this offering by integrating all surrounding technologies, structures, and utilities into a single solution. Additionally, site services such as structural and other inspections, utilities and facilities audits, and construction management will be available to our customers.

The SORG Group, strengthens its value proposition through our exclusive cooperation with P+ International. Our customers can be assured that all their needs, from business case studies to complete factory planning, will be met by experts with a deep understanding of glass technology and practical industry knowledge.

Look no further than the SORG Group when searching for an optimal solution where all complex interfaces are expertly managed by one team.

We look forward to offering you the Power of 3+ experience.