Value by Design

SORG is delivering customers value by focusing on quality and design. Our products are designed to:

  • lower energy costs.
  • reduce toxic and greenhouse emissions.
  • minimize service and maintenance costs.
  • last longer.
  • consistently produce quality glass.
Value is not the by-product of making something cheaper. Value is designed into our products to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers. Great designs take these value factors into account.


Our strength, your advantages

Here are the reasons to use SORG! Besides experience and competence, we put technology in the foreground. Get an overview of our products and services and the markets SORG serves. We invite you to take a close look at our service team and their abilities to keep your equipment running carefree.


Your challenges,
our solutions

Here are a few selected projects from our portfolio that demonstrate customized solutions. A small portfolio of our customers gives an overview of our activities. Maybe we can add you to the list soon.