A SORG Promise

SORG is driven to deliver the very best project management experience in the industry. We are recognised for our meticulous approach and understanding of our customers’ economic, environmental and schedule objectives.

Consistency, reliability, efficiency and quality are the results our customers expect when they engage SORG to plan, execute, manage, design and build whatever they need.

Working with SORG

Our involvement starts early and continues until the project is operational and throughout the whole lifetime of a furnace.

All projects start with the first step. In our case, this is the first concept based on the customer requirements and demands, together with SORG’s design proposal. The proposal results from a deep exchange of information between the parties. Once the customer agrees with what is being proposed, SORG assures the implementation of the project and its performance. SORG delivers a document that has been broadly discussed, and will be the foundation of future steps.

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SORG starts the engineering phase based on the order and included specification. The preliminary project/planning and basis for the detailed engineering are set up in the first step. This considers the customer’s needs, before the final installation layout, arrangement plan and pre-project drawing are created. Once the customer and SORG team accept them, the design will be “frozen”. This is important and binding for all parties because later changes can cause unexpected impacts on costs, technical performance and most importantly, the project timing. After this freeze, the detailed project drawings and planning are fulfilled, resulting in technical documentation.


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Based on the planning phase, the team starts working on the deliverables: refractory, steel, equipment, etc. Once the deliverables are complete, and the buildings and infrastructure are ready, the assembly begins. It’s crucial to do the “cold acceptance test” at the end of the installation. A positive test is the “go” for the heating up, because by now, every piece of equipment, especially those safety-related, must be ready for operation. There is no way back. The following steps are the “heat acceptance test” and the final acceptance.

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