SORG has been developing forehearth technology continuously for decades. This enables us to provide the solutions our customers need for a successful production.

Technological advances, reliability, lower service costs and lower total cost of ownership are key factors of SORG forehearth technology. To keep pace with the higher requirements customers have regarding glass conditioning, SORG has now developed the new 340S+®.

The refractory baffles effectively divide the superstructure into three longitudinal sections to provide separation between cooling in the central area of the channel and heating at the channel edges.

The unique double cooling system utilises both direct and indirect air cooling systems, thus increasing cooling capacity and improving controllability.

  • Mature technology
  • Excellent thermal homogeneity

The 340S+ is available for channel widths of 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60” and is now the standard SORG® forehearth design for the majority of applications, particularly for containers. The 340S+® forehearth is available for less demanding applications and forehearth widths of 16” and 26”.