The application of stirrer systems in forehearths is well known. The two most common examples are eliminating cords or mixing colourant in a forehearth colouring installation.

SORG can supply three different stirrer unit systems: the UNIVERSAL and TURNABLE systems for conditioning zones and the MODULAR system for colouring forehearths.

The UNIVERSAL system sits directly above the forehearth, and the stirrer changes must be above the forehearth. This system needs less space than the TURNABLE one.

The TURNABLE unit is custom-made and installed beside the forehearth, and needs a beam underneath.

The MODULAR system sits above the forehearth, but the stirrer changes occur on the forehearth platform. The stirrer unit can be moved out to the side.

Each stirrer system is supplied with variable speed control.

  • The stirrer can reduce or eliminate zircon cords