Industry 4.0

Digital applications have long been central to the daily work standard at SORG. They feature in everything from mathematic modelling and laser scanning to 3D design and digital simulation for developing new furnaces and equipment, as well as for confirming proven technologies.

Exchanging operation data and their analyses are the basis for the recommendations of predictive maintenance. For example, the analyses of boosting systems data and especially electrodes.

All components – such as the field level, process management level and management level – are interlinked in a comprehensive network. Comprising digital patterns and methods for displaying processes virtually, these processes can be projected and simulated on a PC before being implemented in the real world.

At SORG, this starts with the mathematic modelling of a furnace as the basis for specification and design. The loop closes and then the operational numbers of the running furnace are checked by the model to confirm it.

During operation all system data and notifications are displayed and stored, so that analyses and predictive measures are always available. Measurements and recordings are collected and linked in a logical way.

SORG can also deliver an expert system to optimise productivity, reduce energy and to secure a more stable melting process.

  • Improved efficiency
  • Quality of planning
  • Transparent communication
  • Elimination of risks
  • Reduced errors in planning stages
  • Storage of experience-based knowledge
  • Predictive maintenance