Typically, these furnaces use screw chargers for batch charging and do not require a doghouse. The screw chargers are introduced into the furnace through circular openings in the rear wall of the superstructure.

The primary energy source is an oxy‐fuel heating system with the appropriate burners installed along both sides of the superstructure. Mostly, the Boro‐Oxi‐Melter® is also equipped with electrical boosting. The waste gases are cooled down in a quench chamber operated with air or water, or a combination of both. A fining bank is installed to improve the fining process and prevent any return flow of glass.

  • Excellent glass quality
  • Good energy consumption
  • Typical glass types: borosilicate glass, TFT glass
  • Typical products: tubing, pharmaceutical containers, flat glass (TFT), laboratory ware
  • Performance: up to 80 t/24h
  • NOx emissions from combustion: 1.5 – 3 kg/t (dry, 8% O2)