CLEAN Melter®

The CLEAN Melter® combines electric melting with existing furnace technology. With up to 80% electric share, the CLEAN Melter® emits significantly less CO2 than conventional fossil-fuelled furnaces, offering greater flexibility and substantial cost savings for larger tonnages.

  • Electric share on melting energy as high as possible – up to 80%
  • Flexibility in regard to pull variations
  • Flexibility in regard to raw materials and raw material changes (no glass quality instabilities)
  • Melting of oxidising and reduced glasses
  • Fossil share on melting energy without restriction in the application of CO2 neutral combustibles
  • CO2 neutral combustibles possible, like hydrogen, biogas and synthetic fuels
  • Neutral combustibles (hydrogen)
  • Flexibility in the mix of different heating sources (fossil/electric)
  • The radiation wall keeps the energy of the superstructure heating in the melting area
  • In principle, the SORG technology for reduced dust in the furnace atmosphere is applied: SORG IRD® doghouse and EME-NEND® Batch Charger
  • Electrode arrangement in the furnace bottom designed by mathematic modelling for highest efficiency
  • Special electrode blocks to avoid corrosion of refractory material
  • Heating by air/gas firing or oxygen/gas firing. Heating with hydrogen is also possible
  • The superstructure is proven in melter type furnaces SORG has built successfully over many years
  • Electrode holder with special SORG design for longest lifetime. SORG electrode data monitoring for optimal operation and on-time maintenance
  • Refining shelf has stabilised the melting process and secured the glass quality since 1985 in various furnace types
  • Refractory choice and design, including cooling for a long lifetime