The furnace concept is based on a unique internal radiation wall inside the combustion chamber.

Intermediate arches in the superstructure prevent direct heat transfer from the hottest part of the furnace to the colder raw materials.

Without heat loss, there is a high level of radiation transfer between the waste gases and the raw materials. The batch is charged over the complete width of the furnace through a doghouse on the back wall. A fining bank is installed to improve the fining process and prevent any returning flow of glass.

  • The glass melting is split into three processes (melting, fining, and refining), improving the furnace’s flexibility
  • High level of heat transfer between the waste gases and the raw materials
  • Very low NOx emissions
  • Typical glass type: soda-lime glass
  • Typical products: tableware, stemware, high-quality flacons, pharmaceutical containers
  • Performance: 6 – 180 t/24h
  • NOx emissions: less than 500 mg/Nm3 (dry, 8% O2)