The LoNOx® Melter has a long, narrow tank divided into melting and refining zones. The fining bank is the essential part of this furnace concept.

The batch can be charged over the complete width of the furnace rear wall through one doghouse. There is also the possibility to install two doghouses alongside the rear wall. Most of the wasted gas energy remains in the system. By using integrated cullet or batch preheating systems, and also recuperators for preheating the combustion air, most of the wasted gas energy remains in the system. Through this, the energy consumption of LoNOx® Melters is comparable with those on regenerative furnaces.

  • Lower energy consumptions compared to standard recuperative furnaces
  • High level of heat transfer between waste gases and raw materials
  • Very low NOx emissions
  • Typical glass types: soda-lime glass
  • Typical products: containers (bottles, jars, flacons)
  • Performance: 150 – 450 t/24h
  • NOx emissions: less than 400 mg/Nm3 (dry, 8% O2)