The application is used for high-quality glasses, with an output of up to 300 t/24 h. Just like the FlexMelter®, this furnace design is also based on a special internal radiation wall inside the combustion chamber. This creates a burner‐less zone where the batch is preheated before entering the melting and conditioning zones. Preheating is obtained by the transfer of thermal energy from the waste gases exiting the furnace. By using the radiation wall, waste gas temperatures are reduced to approx. 1200°C.

  • Energy savings of up to 10% compared to a conventional oxy‐fuel melter
  • Lower NOx emissions and carbon footprint
  • Low waste gas temperature
  • Typical glass type: soda-lime glass
  • Typical products: containers (bottles, jars, flacons), tableware
  • Performance: 50 – 300 t/24h
  • NOx emissions: 0.3 – 0.7 kg/t (8% O2)