The oxygen heated furnace uses typically delivered oxygen with a very high purity. If the oxygen demand is high, it makes sense to install an oxygen production on site.

Batch charging is delivered from the rear wall via one or two doghouses. The waste gases leave the furnace near the back wall or the front wall. The installation of an Oxy-Melter is helpful in case of strong emission regulations as an alternative to installing an air pollution system.

  • Stable process
  • High energy efficiency
  • Lower NOx emissions (related to pull)
  • Less waste gas volume
  • Typical glass types: soda-lime glass, C-glass, E-glass, borosilicate glass
  • Typical products: containers (bottles, jars, flacons), rolled plates (ornamental glass, solar glass), tableware, fibres, tubing, laboratory ware)
  • Performance: 30 – 600 t/24h.
  • NOx emissions: 0.3 – 0.7 kg/t (dry, 8% O2)