This furnace can be designed with either a single or a twin doghouse, located either on the rear wall of the tank or on the side.

Temperature control of larger furnaces can be divided into a number of control zones along the length of the furnace. A single burner control is also possible.

For heat recovery (preheating of the combustion air), recuperators are used. For this furnace, different types of recuperators can be applied: the double shell recuperator, the tube basket recuperator or a combination of both.

The double shell recuperator consists of two concentric high temperature resistant steel tubes. The hot waste gases pass through the inner tube, whilst the combustion air passes through the annular slit between the tubes. Single modules of this type can be used alone, or they can be placed one after another to form a complete unit.

In a tube basket recuperator the combustion air is led through a large number of individual small diameter steel tubes. They are arranged in a ring around the inner circumference of a large diameter outer tube. This type of recuperator can give air preheat temperatures of up to 750°C and is usually installed on larger furnaces.

  • Low emission
  • Good adjustment of temperature profile along furniture axis
  • Typical glass types: soda-lime glass, C-glass and E-glass
  • Typical products: containers (bottles, jars, flacons), rolled plate (ornamental glass), tableware, fibres, glass bricks
  • Performance: 20-400 t/24h
  • NOx emission < 600 mg/Nm³ (dry, 8% O2)