The expansion of a glass plant is a complex endeavour. It demands a detailed knowledge of the plant, which is often not possible due to adaptations made to the site over the years, or lost documentation.

If technical drawings and documentation are unavailable, up-to-date or accurate enough, 3D laser scanning can provide all the information you need – faster and much more accurately than traditional measuring techniques.

This problem can be solved by scanning the melting furnace, batch charging system and batch house. Surveying the existing installation provides detailed information to form a basis for the new 3D designs, including steelwork, furnaces and forehearths, pipework, cable trays and equipment.

The laser scans every corner of the space, creating a 3D image that includes the distances between objects, locations, and even orientations.

By overlaying the recorded point cloud with existing 3D CAD models, SORG’s technicians can see the differences between what is being planned and the reality. Laser scanning is an effective way of acquiring data without interrupting any on-site operations.

  • Efficiency
  • Excellent value for money
  • No need to stop production
  • Not affected by lighting conditions
  • Fast process
  • Accuracy
  • Safe, contactless measurement even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Tailored solution
  • Scan and CAD data can be put together in almost all formats
  • Technology can be used in many industrial sectors
  • Results are delivered shortly after the measurement
  • Sectional and project views can be exported and can be compared to the 2D layout to identify deviations
  • Allows variance analysis
  • Free scan view, access to 3D documentation and exchange of project data