Press Release

Ardagh Glass Packaging to install the first SORG CLEAN Melter®

SORG is very proud to begin construction of the first SORG CLEAN Melter® at Ardagh Glass Packaging’s facility in Obernkirchen, Germany. To be known as Ardagh’s NextGen Furnace, this will be the first hybrid furnace with a melting energy share of up to 80% electricity and 20% gas. The furnace will produce up to 350 tonnes per day of amber glass bottles, with a high level of cullet.

The CLEAN Melter® is based on intensive mathematical modelling, applying and combining established SORG technologies and components, such as the refining shelf, separation wall, gas and oxygen combustion and electrical heating system.

SORG was chosen by Ardagh to supply all the furnace technology, including a full supply package, at the Obernkirchen facility, consisting of design, engineering, equipment supply, installation, and commissioning.

Matthias Haas, Associate Sales Director at Nikolaus SORG commented:

“Today, SORG CLEAN Melter® technology is the most sustainable solution on the market for a higher tonnage container glass furnace with a strongly reduced carbon footprint.

We are looking forward to working together with Ardagh to realise a significantly decarbonised glass manufacturing process.

With the success of this project, we are well positioned to fulfil our customers’ requirements for CO2 reduction by using ‘low carbon technology’.”

Read more: https://www.ardaghgroup.com/corporate/sustainability