Case Study

Getting Vidrio Formas all fired up for the future

Customer: Vidrio Formas
Location: Mexico
Application: Container Glass
Energy Source: Combustion

SORG Group recently carried out a greenfield project in Mexico on behalf of Vidrio Formas, a family-owned manufacturer of glass containers for the domestic and international liquor, food, industrial, paint, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

There was an added challenge due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic limiting travel.


Working within strict travelling restrictions, we engineered and delivered the complete hot end for the glass plant. Nikolaus
SORG built a new 117m² Regenerative End-Fired furnace with a capacity of 320 tpd to produce container glass (soda lime) in a variety of colours including amber, flint and green.

Partnering with EME, also part of the SORG Group of companies, a batch plant was constructed with the capacity to support the later installation of a second furnace. This included raw material charging, storage, dosing, weighing, mixing, a batch transport system and batch charger. A cullet return system was also built, featuring a scraper, crusher and belt scale.


The SORG Group were able to help Vidrio Formas expand their production capacity and we were able to provide the chosen solution despite the Coronavirus limitations.