SORG’s automation covers the entire glass melting process from batch charging to production-ready glass. The system meets today’s requirements of using algorithms based on our long-term practical experience to run installations in the most efficient way. Low energy consumption, low emissions, best glass quality, easy handling and highest operational availability are all key demands for a SORG automation system.

Algorithms are developed in-house and undergo steady improvement, just like our software programming and hardware planning. The first in the glass industry to introduce a highly redundant PLC and computer-based automation system, SORG continuously monitors and improves both IT/OT (Information Technology/Operational Technology) and machine safety.

Our automation technology fulfils operator safety by using “safety PLCs” and SORG-developed applications. These offer a high “Safety Performance Level”, while meeting relevant legal requirements like “European Safety Regulation EN746/2” and the highest availability of equipment demanded by our customers. The same also applies to defaults in operation, sensors and actors.

The IT/OT safety of the furnace’s automation against uncontrolled access and its influence on integrated networks determines the conception and construction of the installation right from the beginning.

SORG supplies “Remote Services” over a self-provided, closed service network for customer installations, based on safe hardware and software (Firewall/VPN network).

With the VPN system, we can offer technical support, troubleshooting and advice around the world, around the clock. All SORG installations are equipped with our remote system and a firewall, displaying the remote-control status worldwide.

SORG automation systems not only cover the furnace and glass conditioning system, but also the batch plant. One of SORG Group’s greatest advantages is that our customers can display all of the above within the same system. Periphery system demands are possible too, such as incorporating cooling lehrs, machine data and water systems.

  • One system for all applications
  • Built by furnace company – no “misunderstandings” between furnace and automation
  • Batch House and peripheral system can be implemented
  • Systems designed and programmed in-house
  • System based on experienced modules, tailor-made for specialist application