Even before the global pandemic, SORG has offered customers a remote service for many years.

Wherever a plant is located, SORG technicians and specialists can analyse, advise and optimise via a secured virtual private network (VPN) between your control system and our own IT department. As well as commissioning support, we can identify and correct disturbances within the furnace system or equipment during operation and the melting process.

SORG’s specially developed smart data system is completely safe, allowing access only when a customer opens the ‘VPN Tunnel’. Successfully implemented into over 200 applications worldwide, it is now an inherent part of our plant engineering.

We continually refine our remote service and also conduct ‘remote supervision’ worldwide via virtual reality classes. These enable customers and local SORG specialists to simultaneously send live reports of the installation to the supporting experts at our headquarters in Lohr.

The benefit of having direct contact means that customers can significantly reduce downtime for optimisations, as well as mechanical maintenance, repair and commissioning. All while enjoying the excellent audio and visual quality of our interfaces to control technology.

With tighter measures, remote services are more important than ever, but our commitment throughout the pandemic of has shown how SORG is fully equipped to make a real difference, both now and in the future.

Travel restrictions and time differences are behind us. Today, we can react via remote control and virtual reality, supporting our on-site specialists 24/7.