Nikolaus SORG is delighted to be attending the 26th International Congress on Glass, which runs from 3rd-8th July in Berlin, Germany.

Featuring over 45 sessions led by experts across the glass industry, the event is a fantastic opportunity for scientists, technologists, engineers and even artists to learn from their peers.

Nikolaus SORG will be participating in four sessions during the event.

Practical Experience with the SORG BATCH3 System for Preheating Glass Melting Batches is being held on Tuesday 5th July. It will discuss the key design points of the SORG BATCH3 System and how it reduces the carbon footprint of the energy-intensive glass industry.

Chances and Limitations of Full Electric Melting Furnaces – Concepts for the Further Development of SORG’s VSM®, will be held on Thursday, 7th July. We will examine the opportunities and limitations of all-electric glass melting and outline practical solutions for future requirements.

On Friday, 8th July, we will be holding a session titled Hybrid Furnace Design – The Evolution of the SORG CLEAN Melter®. The session will provide an overview of the development of the SORG CLEAN Melter® and will focus on analyzing risks and minimizing them through mathematical modelling.

The Role of Mathematical Modelling in Glass Melting Furnace Engineering will also be held on Friday 8th July. Based on examples from the SORG team, the final presentation provides an impression of the potential applications of mathematical simulations in furnace engineering.

The welcome reception in the Grand Ballroom, which takes place on Monday 4th July at 19:00 will be sponsored by SORG.

Visit www.hvg-dgg-events.com/icg2022 for more information. We look forward to welcoming you there!