Vetropack Boffalora: The SORG Group’s (Power of Three) single-source supply of the hot end for Vetropack’s greenfield project

Vetropack, located in Switzerland, is building a brand-new glass plant in Boffalora sopra Ticino, Italy – the first greenfield project in the company’s history. 

The SORG Group is supplying two regenerative end-fired furnaces with forehearths, the batch handling at the furnaces, and a complete service package, forming the heart of the greenfield project. 

The two melting furnaces will produce white and cuvée coloured container glass. 

SORG Group will supply the complete melting furnace from a single source as a turnkey project, including cabling, piping, project management, installation, and commissioning. 

Nikolaus SORG planned and supplied the melting furnace –  which were intensively modelled in detail with Vetropack, as well as the glass conditioning systems and all necessary equipment. The plants are designed at the highest technological level in order to achieve maximum efficiency with the lowest energy consumption and minimal emissions. For example, the furnaces are planned to have a high amount of electric boosting, which can be further increased at a later point in time. The combustion process is controlled and regulated by means of a gas analyser, burner with individual nozzle regulation, WSH-type burner holder and double continuous flue gas measurement (chamber head and flue gas duct). For further control of the processes, the two doghouses per furnace are sealed against gas and dust by using EME-NEND® R2 batch charging machines. 

Each furnace is equipped with four type 340S+® forehearths. The Sorg® OMT measuring and control system is installed in all zones of the forehearths and the working end to ensure optimal combustion.  

All systems are projected, programmed and commissioned by Sorg’s own specialists.. 

In addition to the four EME-NEND® R2 charging machines, EME is supplying the batch bunker, the charging platforms, and the steel construction for this area. 

SKS in the form of SKSI, responsible for service in the SORG Group of companies, will supply all the furnace and forehearth steel, a total of 1,500 tons. Furthermore, they are responsible for the refractory storage, erection of the steel and refractory structure as well as heating-up, filling and commissioning of the furnace. 

The SORG Group – The Power of Three – will supply the complete design and plant technology for the hot end of this greenfield project, consisting of the glass melting furnace, glass conditioning section and batch supply, all from a single source. The Group will also handle all project management, from refractory storage to the handover to the customer. 

SORG Group – The Power of Three unique forces from a single, reliable partner.