Nikolaus SORG are proud to announce our participation in the Zwiesel Glass School Colloquium 2023. The event will take place from the 8th-9th May at the Zwiesel Glass School in Germany. Many leading industry figures, including SORG’s Dirk Schnurpfeil and Volker Müller, will discuss topics pertinent to the future of glass production.

Dirk Schnurpfeil will spotlight SORG’s hybrid furnace, the CLEAN Melter® and discuss the challenges in the operation of a hybrid furnace.  

Hybrid furnaces are the ideal tool to help with the reduction of CO2 emissions in the glass industry, particularly with changing market prices for energy sources. Significant changes in furnace temperature fields resulting from the variable electrical components of the heat input place high demands on the refractory material and influence the behaviour of the batch and foam and, ultimately, the glass quality.  

Dirk will be discussing these challenges and how we as an industry can overcome them on Monday 8th May, 11:00-11:30am. 

Volker Müller will explore the importance of preventive maintenance on electrical heating systems. 

Currently, the energy transition significantly increases the electrical power installed in conventional glass-melting furnaces. With higher installed power and more electrodes installed, the risk of damage and failures increases. This lecture will show measures of good operational practice for the electrical energy supply, electrode holders, and electrodes installed in the melting tank. 

Volker will be conducting his talk on the need for the correct and regular execution of preventative maintenance for electrode holders on Monday 8th May, 11:45am-12:00pm.  

Register to attend via the below link and join us at the Zwiesel Glass School Colloquium 2023.