Forehearths - glass melting furnaces - glass conditioning - glass furnaces

We are the leading independent supplier of glass melting furnaces and glass conditioning systems. We provide concept development, planning and engineering, equipment and systems, and a full range of services for all sectors of the glass manufacturing industry. We can provide oil, gas, electric or oyx-fuel heating systems, or combinations thereof, and we have extensive experience of both regenerative and recuperative combustion air preheating systems.

 Forehearths - glass melting furnaces - glass conditioning - glass furnacesOur furnaces and forehearths are used to melt and condition almost all commercially produced glasses for containers, rolled plate, blown and pressed ware, lighting ware, tubing, insulating and textile fibres, stonewool fibres and ceramic frits.

Our smallest furnace melts just 2,5 tons per day, whilst the largest currently produces over 525 tons per day. We currently have a total of over 250 furnaces and 700 forehearths operating and our customers produce glass in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

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